Human Resource, a NEED for sustainable economies

Human Resource, a NEED for sustainable economies. These days....all that truly makes sense to me is building the bridges that poor education has broken. As i listened to the best of HR Managers, CEOs......

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When I think upon your goodness

When I think upon your goodness... And your faithfulness each day, I'm convinced it's not because I'm worthy... To receive this kind of love that you give... But I'm grateful for your mercy... I'm gra......

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Sex is so sacred

Sex is so sacred.. such that the experience of it should not be discussed with another person.. else, it will negatively affect the person sexual behaviour and create a insatiable sexual desire.. It i......

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Today.. I had a near death experience... that took people's life.. on my way to lagos, from Enugu... Death on his own is not d worst thing that could happen to anyone.. but, how prepared are we for et......

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@ The Bridge TV Show

@ The Bridge TV Show... I wouldn't forgive myself if I had to miss this Open Mic Poetry Event...Wow! It was really worth my time and i have no regrets.... Thanks to The Bridge Tv Show for reviving the......

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#Youth Leadership Summit With Arc

#Youth Leadership Summit With Arc. Ezekiel Nyaetok and Joseph Anwatim Thanks for touching my life! 'There is something about life that you must know. If you know it early enough, it will help you. Th......

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Dear St

Dear St. Val's fans, If you really wanna show me love, don't take me to Apples, neither Oliver twist, nor Five Star Hotel. Take me to Wordworks Book Shop, then ask me to make my choice of books...that......

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Let us all in standing ovation applaud the March Born

Let us all in standing ovation applaud the March Born.. They are the product of cold weather, they are product of daddy and mommy receiving warmth.. Most of them survive postinor 2 of two slayers th......

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Do you know how we got here?? Let me try to explain

Do you know how we got here?? Let me try to explain... When God warned us against fornication.. we thought He was giving us a law... little did we know that He was protecting our future.. Can u believ......

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